Training in Bologna

We finally met! During 4.5 days in Bologna at CINECA from May 9th-13th, for scientific talks and workshops, site visits, networking, non-academic skills training, poster presentations and many fun endeavours.

Midterm project check

We’re making progress in our project, and next Tuesday, 25th of January 2022, we will be holding our midterm project check with REA’s project officer. A welcome occasion for all our fellows to present their first steps at their projects, and for our consortium to gather and see where and how to improve our work. We look forward to this!

First training

Quo vadis, PhD student ? Our first training session in the first week of October prepared our fellows to tackle the non-scientific aspects of a PhD project. Under the lead of sciencebirds, we could establish ways to network, ask (and answer) questions such as soft skills training, employers’ expectations, career development plans etc. etc. And it was also a nice occasion to meet among each others (at least virtually, and at least one half of the group).