Early Stage Researchers – meet our fellows!

Malay Singh (ESR 7) works on the use of multi-qubit tunable couplers for quantum simulations in his PhD project at the Q-Computing group led by Prof. S. Filipp at WMI, Munich. Along with this, he aims to develop scalable control software for quantum computing that helps in turning science into technology. Additionally, Malay will also explore ways to improve the calibration, accuracy and throughput of quantum simulation experiments.

Florian Mazur (ESR 5), born and brought up in Thionville in France. His PhD project is called ‘Towards quantum computing for pharmaceutical applications’. The project will pave the way towards the application of quantum simulations using NISQ devices for large scale problems relevant for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For this, Florian will find a way to select the degree of freedom in Quantum part of a QM/MM calculation and how it will be adapted to a NISQ device.

Alberto Catalano (ESR 13) is from Augusta, a harbour city on the Eastern coast of Sicily (Italy). Alberto will be studying the effects of frustration due to non-local interactions in molecular Hamiltonians, trying to identify the relevant degrees of freedom most suitable for quantum simulations. He will be under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Franchini at the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics group at Ruder Boskovic Institute, Zagreb.

Madhav Mohan (ESR 12) comes from New Delhi in India. Madhav will work with Prof. Servaas Kokkelmans at the Coherence and Quantum Technology (CQT) group at TU Eindhoven. The group is building our own hybrid quantum computer in the lab, based on the Rydberg atom approach that promises enhanced scalability. He will be involved on the theory side of the project – this consists of devising optimized software algorithms and protocols for the hardware, towards the solution of molecular structure and dynamics problems.