For each ESR, we provide an individual-oriented training programme under the supervision of an individual training panel (ITP), consisting of the main supervisor, a co- supervisor, and a mentor. Non-academic partners will contribute to the training at all levels: as ITP members, secondment hosts and lecturers in dedicated training sessions.

For each ESR, we will implement an outstanding training structure, which builds on the seven principles for innovative doctoral training, and is designed to harness top employability. The training program consists first of cutting-edge research projects followed by technical, scientific, and complementary skills courses. Each ESR will undertake secondments for a total of 6 months in predefined institutions.

1st training event: Autumn/winter 2021, kick-off week (online)

2nd training event: Summer school at CINECA in Bologna (May 2022).

3rd training event: Autumn school at CNR in Pisa (October 2022)

4th training event: Spring school at Uni Heidelberg (March 2023)

Our training events are completed by occasional online training elements.